ZVS Print Technik GmbH
Dörfelweg 16 A,
12305 Berlin
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Our company offers all types of end seals for a wide range of printing machines including rotogravure, flatbed, and letterpress printing. End seals are made out of foam materials and thick felt with various additives, as well as composite inserts, to improve characteristics of material. Such construction of end seals increases their lifetime tenfold. Stitched structure is a key feature of our products. Molecular cross-linking improves heat resistance, resistance to organic solvents and oil, and leads to a higher resistance to UV rays and weather and, as a result, to a longer lifetime of end seal. This ideal formula has been achieved upon numerous tests. As a consequence, seal materials have a closed cell structure which ensures outstanding elasticity of material and high degree of recoverability after pressurization.

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